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-How can I register for the event?
Registration can be made on the event’s web site, on the registration link. Fill in all fields and select your category (author, undergraduate student, graduate studies student, professor or professional). If your interest in the event involves submitting a paper, the category will be author. If you are only interested in participating, select one of the other categories.

-How do I submit a paper?
In order to submit a paper, it is necessary for all of its authors to be registered. After that, the author shall enter in the paper submission/send a paper link, log in with his CPF and registered password. On the next page, select the number of authors for the paper and fill in the fields, keeping the order of the authors shown in the paper with identification. Attach two files in PDF: one with identification and the other without. Check the data and click on send. After sending, the author will receive an e-mail informing the paper registration number.

-How can I check whether the topic of my paper fits in the theme for the event?
The main theme for the event is “Information Systems and Knowledge Management”. The papers can have this theme or the others may be related to production engineering. The thematic areas and their sub-areas are available in the Thematic Areas link.

-I sent a paper in a wrong manner. What should I do?
Every day, all papers sent will be checked, especially to ensure the authors have been registered correctly, if the registry is according to the first author on the paper and if the papers have been sent with and without identification. If any errors are found, an e-mail will be sent informing you that the registration of the paper will be excluded and asking you to send it again. If this is not the problem, please send an e-mail to simpep@feb.unesp.br informing the problem, so we may proceed in the best manner possible.

-How can I check the papers sent by my registration?
In the Paper Submission link you will find the Consult Papers option. The use must log-on to make the consultation.

-What is the maximum number of authors per article?
The paper shall have a maximum of five authors.

-How can I have access to paper formatting?
Access the link, Paper Submission – Formatting.

-How will the paper be evaluated?
The paper shall be evaluated by at least two evaluators who will check criteria such as formatting, theme and content correlation, development, etc. All papers are made available to the evaluators without identification.

-How will I know if my paper was approved?
The results will be disclosed on the event’s site.

-What is the submission fee?
There is no fee for paper submission.

-What is the participation fee?
The fees will soon be made available on the event’s site, in the registration link.

-How do I make the registration fee payment?
After disclosure of the approved papers, the payment docket will be made available for the participant and the author in the restricted area for each registration.

-Will there be reimbursement if needed?

-Must I make the presentation of the paper for it to be included in the annals?
No. For inclusion in the annals, it will only be necessary to make the payment.

-Where will be event be held?
The event will be held on the campus of UNESP-Bauru.

-What is the event schedule?
The schedule is available on the site.

-How will the presentation be made?
The presentation will last fifteen minutes and have the help of multimedia. The presentation shall be made by the authors, who will inform the name of the presenter when we send the e-mail confirming presentation.

-How do I schedule my presentation?
We will send an e-mail requesting confirmation of the presentation and the name of the presenter. Presentations whose e-mails are answered negatively cannot be scheduled later. The schedule for presentations will be available on the site before the event begins.

-How do I get my certificate?
The certificate will be made available on the site after the event.

-I do not know how to get to the event. What do I do?
The transportation companies that have Bauru as a destination are disclosed on the event's site with their respective phone numbers for contact. There is also a map of the state with the main access highways and the map of the city.

-What about lodging?
The main hotels in the city are shown on the event's site. There are also options of restaurants and leisure. click here



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