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To ensure publication of articles approved in the Event Annals, is mandatory that at least one of the authors make the payment of the publication rate , equivalent to the registration fee for participation in the event. The publication rate value are only included the publication of the first article and the participation of one of the authors in the days of the event.

The deadline for payment of the publication fee/registration, entitled to the publication(s) Article(s) in the Event is Annals september 29, 2022.

After september 30, 2022, applications will be accepted only for the event, without the right to publish articles.

Rate Values for Publication / Participation:
02/09/2022 to 29/09/2022
Values on the day of the event (participation only)

Teacher, Professional, Master's student, PhD student, Author's work, post Graduate

R$ 395,00 R$ 395,00
It will be included in the rate of publication / subscription only publication of the first article. For additional publications, there will be an increase of R$ 80,00 per article.
Graduate S tudent
(NO registration article)
R$ 50,00

Important: at registration add(s) Article(s) that is(are) published(s) and generate the slip to settle the fee, payable to the day september 29, 2022. It will not be(are) published(s) to Article(s) with the discharge rate.

Recalling that the presentation and the presence at the event are not mandatory, getting to the author. The discharge of the ticket ensures the publication of the article.

If the author chooses not to participate in the days of the event and did not submit the article, it will be published the same way and will be available on site after the publication of the Annals.

Types of fee for registration:

• Publication fee;
• Registration fee for participation;
• Registration fee per Note of Commitment (link to the Instructions)

Forms of payment for registration:

Banking Billet: Made after registration, will generate the "Banking Billet" needs to be shed by the deadline of 29 of september of 2022 for publishing articles. There will be no extensions for payment.

Statement of Agreement: Made after the registration on the event website, the participant must contact the institution/University to request a copy of the document that must always be sent to the secretariat of the event for their registration to be effective.

Important: Instructions for subscribing to articles made by "Statement of Agreement"

Note: The amount paid by inscriptions referring to SIMPEP can not be refunded.

Values of Complementary activities:

- Mini-curso: R$ 50,00 cada.

Date of Event: 09 the 11 of november of 2022.

Event Location/Dapartment:

Building FunDeb (Fundação para o Desenvolvimento de Bauru)

Câmpus da Unesp de Bauru (access by ordinance 2)
Unesp - Departamento de Engenharia de Produo
Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01 Cep: 17033-360 Bauru - Sp

Phone: (14) 3103-6873 - Ramal 6873

E-Mail: simpep.feb@unesp.br


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Contact us:
Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01
ZIP Code: 17033-360
Bauru - SP

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