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Municipal Zoo
State fair grounds • Entrance • View of the lake

With its 121 acres, which include a completely preserved forest, the Bauru Municipal Zoo is home to more than 500 animals from 250 species. Seeking the preservation of endangered species of Brazilian fauna, its team has been successful in having animals such as the golden lion tamarin reproduce. It also has an ecological awareness program for children and teenagers.
Rod. Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros, Km 323 - (14) 3235-1185
Hours: Mon. to Fri. from 8am to 4pm – Sat., Sun., and holidays from 8am to 5pm


Botanical Gardens
Views of the woods where ecology classes are given to children and the orchid nursery.

Located alongside the Municipal Zoo, the Botanical Gardens has an area of 600 hectares including an ecology trail for walks through the woods.
It has an orchid nursery and a nursery for the production of saplings for recovering degraded areas, experiments and maintenance of the Botanical Gardens itself.
Open: every day from 8am to 4:30pm


Vitória Régia Park

This 50 thousand m2 park located on Nações Unidas Ave. has a lake from which an acoustic shell emerges with a stage creating an amphitheater for two thousand people. The park is used for shows, walks and fun for adults and children.


Pedestrian Walkway

Located in the downtown section, the Batista de Carvalho Street pedestrian walkway is a popular meeting point with intense retail commerce.


Bauru Shopping

Bauru Shopping has 147 stores and services, cinemas, food court, leisure court and electronic games.


Railroad Museum

The museum has a collection of Brazilian railroad history, which was greatly responsible for the city of Bauru’s development, and where it is necessary to highlight Locomotive Number 1 from the old Noroeste do Brasil railroad.
Rua 1º de Agosto block 1 - Phone (14) 3235-1176
Open: Tue. and Thur. from 12pm to 5:30pm, Wed. and Fri. from 8am to 1pm and Sat. and Sun. from 8am to 1pm.


Municipal Historical Museum

Collection of data, photos, objects and documents on personalities and of the history of the development of Bauru.
Rua Antonio Alves, 13-31 - Downtown - Phone: (14) 3235-1183
Open: Mon. thru Fri. from 9am to 5pm, Sat. and Sun. from 8am to 2pm, special hours can be scheduled for researchers and schools, Tue. from 6pm to 9pm.


Municipal Theater


Located on Nações Unidas Avenue, the Municipal Theater is next to the Municipal Secretary of Culture. It has capacity for 500 spectators and it is open for shows and artistic exhibits.
Av. Nações Unidas, 8-9 - Downtown
Phone: (14) 3235-1072



Bauru Shopping
R. Henrique Savi, 15-55 - Jd. Planalto
Phone: (14) 3224-1554
Open: Monday thru Monday

Cine'n Fun
Alameda Quality Center - Marechal Rondon Highway (towards São Paulo)
Phone: (14) 3321-5000
Open: Monday thru Mondaya


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Contact us:
Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01
ZIP Code: 17033-360
Bauru - SP

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