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• The files should be sent in .DOC format (NOT be accepted to .DOCX version - Office 2007).
• Accepted papers will be submitted in Portuguese.
• The article should not exceed 2048 kb (2 mb), maximum number of 12 pages (including references) and comply with the formatting rules and Article model, under penalty of being dismissed (not rated). Articles over 12 pages will NOT be accepted for evaluation.
• The article body MUST NOT CONTAIN Title, Title, name (s) (s) Author (s), Abstract, Abstract, Keywords and Keyword. These data should be "mandatory" registered on the site for sending the articles. The "header" with all this data and "Footer" will be automatically entered by the system in the generation of Annals. Articles containing this data will NOT be accepted.

All authors must be previously registered on the site (NECESSARY CPF), since data "Full Name", "Email" and "institution" are taken from the site REGISTRATION. So keep your UPDATED REGISTRATION because these data will be used in the article at the time of generation of Annals. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated data after generation Annals.

CPF is required from the author to register in the system. The improper/incorrect use of CPF when you register a new author is the sole responsibility of the author or responsible for the article submission. We will not accept CPF change requests linked to any article submitted.

Each item can have a maximum of 5 authors.
• There is no limit to the number of articles submitted by author/co-author, but for publication will be accepted only five (5) of these articles are automatically posted the highest scoring items.
Important Information:
• The version submitted will be final and not being allowed to substitute article. In case of duplicate article, the latest version is retained.
• Will not be allowed additions/deletions/changes of authors after the submission of the article.
• Once evaluated, there may not be, under any circumstances, the replacement of approved files.
• See FORMAT OF ARTICLES MODEL with all the rules and instructions for publication in the proceedings of the .XXXI SIMPEP.
• By submitting the article, the authors state that READ and AGREE to all terms Copyright Direct and veracity of SIMPEP. The full term is available by clicking here.
• See HERE an example of how your article will be published in the Annals after.

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